Navigation Training

Knowing your position when out on the water is an essential skill to confident and safe boating.  Although not for a certificate, Dampier Maritime School navigation training explores the intricacies of the marine chart starting from a basic understanding of what a chart is to confidently being able to plan a long voyage taking into consideration tides inclusive of set, rate, and drift and depth functions.

Training content is flexible and can be tailored to requirements based on the level of students existing knowledge/experience. 

Types of topics that can be included:

  • Compass - Bearings – compass error –deviation.
  • Chart work - Marginal information - plotting bearings – Lat and Long – chart symbols – depths – speed/time/distance calculation – chart plotting - use of dividers/roller rules/clackers.
  • Set, rate, and drift - Finding an estimated position on a chart accurately.
  • Running fixes - Transferred position line – running fix – transfer position circles – doubling the angle on the bow.
  • Tidal Theory - Tides and currents. Rule of twelfths – primary and secondary ports –tidal streams – ocean currents.
  • Passage Planning – point to point route identifying nautical hazards including distance, tides, drifts, current & estimated times of arrival (this includes preparation of route cards).

Cost:   Determined by teaching elements required per person(includes all materials eg: practise charts, rulers, pencils etc). (Discounts apply for group bookings)