Day Cruise

Day Cruise - $110 per person

On board ‘Blue Marlin’ you will depart from Hampton Harbour, Dampier at 9am to cruise past some of the most popular of 42 islands found across the Dampier Archipelago.

With an opportunity to see turtles (Hawks Bill/Flat Back or Green species) swimming by or pods of wild dolphins racing ‘Blue Marlin’ through the waves, you can indulge in snorkelling or swimming in clear waters or simply beach walking along the pristine beaches of the islands. 

Visit historic sites such as Pirates Cove where Privateer William Dampier landed or hear how our early pioneers ventured to make their mark through setting up a Sheep Station.  Whaling and Pearling industries also started up despite the remote location. 

What to Bring:

  • Bathers /Towel
  • Sunscreen / Hat
  • Lunch/nibbles
  • Drinks (some alcohol is ok)
  • Camera

Return to Hampton Harbour at 3pm.